Bollywood embraces Shiamak’s Dance Show!SELCOUTH


Back on popular demand, the Bollywood brigade made their way to watch Shiamak Davar’s Latest dance show, SELCOUTH.

As the word has gone around, Mumbai has been talking about Guru of Contemporary Dance, Shiamak Davar’s new contemporary production, SELCOUTH. After a series of packed shows, Shiamak treated the audiences with one more show and like its previous editions, this one was also completely house full.

Legendary Bollywood actresses known for their dance-ability, Helen and Hema Malini attended the show and both went back stage post the show to congratulate Shiamak. Film Director, Subhash Ghai who has worked with Shiamak on hits like Taal was completely amazed by the new body of work that Shiamak has introduced with this show. The latest heartthrob in Bollywood who also learnt dance under Shiamak’s guidance, Sushant Sinh Rajput gave a standing ovation along with the rest of the audience as a mark of respect…

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